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Would You The TRUTH About Us? … Truth Is “there’s Always A FIRST TIME“!

Would you the TRUTH about us? … Truth is “there’s always a FIRST TIME“!

Our company, Metallo Srl, is a young company, TRUE !
BUT the truth is that we were not born yesterday.

Initially our production was managed under another company, we already dealt with processing of iron, stainless steel and corten for at least a decade, with a production however almost exclusively of railings, gates, stairs, and outdoor structures.

As there is always a first time for everything, even in our case we found ourselves, through on-site acquaintances, to estimate for the first time a very important and innovative project in the close French Riviera.

So, we hardly worked to create a new restaurant in the heart of Nice, we have produced some structures, but also iron furniture , parts of flooring, vases, stairs and doors, and other objects for the interior design.

Starting from here in a short time, thanks to this simple reference, we have received continuous and constant requests for business premises, bars, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and so on …

We cooperated in those projects not only taking care about iron parts but with the complete supply of windows, woods and other materials.

Very quickly it has begun a constant collaboration with some Côte d’Azur architecture studies and since then we are no longer simple “BlackSmiths”, but we have adapted to new market
needs and evolved in the most modern version of this ancient Art that however we intentionally continue to undertake in an artisanal and custom-made way for all our customers.

Therefore , this new company named “Metallo” comes from the thought that basically today we do not simply treat iron, but we adapt to all its forms and applications by combining it very often with other metals

It has been more than three years since our “First Time”, but what we are most proud of is that today our Business does not come from contacts filtered on an anonymous website, from advertising or marketing actions, but simply and extraordinarily:

“From satisfied customer to satisfied customer !”

What it’s called “Attracted Referrals” is the proof that for us to have a trust and full customer satisfaction contact is at first place, we still believe that understand customers needs, solve problems together, seriously and professionally interact is still the best way Today to give a Service and consequentally to do a good Business.

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